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Peter and Lydia Mehit are business masterminds. Together, they have developed over 500 business plans in a variety of industries, from iPhone apps to insurance companies; their plans have raised over $125 million and are often remarked to be the best ones people have ever seen.


Peter and Lydia Mehit have over six decades of combined experience in business planning. As a result, they’ve seen (and been through!) all the possible highs and lows of a business.

They currently own Custom Business Planning & Solutions, a small business in Newport Beach that offers business planning and strategic solutions. Over the past few years, they found that countless entrepreneurs avoid business plans like the plague because they seem difficult. Many of these entrepreneurs have fantastic ideas, but without a plan, they unfortunately fail. So, Peter and Lydia sought another way to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams and designed Destination Roadmap, an online resource that breaks down business creation into easy, beginner-friendly steps.

So what makes Destination Roadmap different from other courses out there? Most importantly, Peter and Lydia know what it’s like to be where you are—and chances are, they’ve been there too. Through decades of experience, they’ve worked in the corporate environment, transitioned into small businesses, created many successful businesses (plus a fair share of failed ones), and struggled through nearly every phase of business you can think of. Even today, Peter and Lydia are constantly adapting to the business environment and evolving with their business.

This is precisely what makes Destination Roadmap different from any other course on the interwebs. Our instructors are teaching from current experience, so they have current, relevant, and innovative ideas to adapt to today’s business environment. Most importantly, they completely understand what your stresses are and how to relieve them in today’s atmosphere.

Peter and Lydia cannot wait to share their insight and experience with you! If any of this tickles your fancy, sign up for our free videos below, where we’ll give you a mini-course on building a future you’re proud of.

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